Power Team Hydraulic Tools

700 bar tools covered by a lifetime marathon warranty

700 bar tools covered by a lifetime marathon warranty! If you require the best hydraulic tools on the market Power team is the name to remember. Here at SGS Engineering Solutions you can browse a fantastic selection of quality hydraulic tools, which can be used for a variety of purposes. We offer excellently manufactured Power Team tools so take a look at the items on offer and choose the hydraulic tools you need.

Hydraulic nut splitter

Hydraulic Nut Splitters

15 & 25 Tons
Easily split the toughest nut, up to grade 2H nuts. "Dial-in" adjustment.

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Hydraulic nut splitter

Hydraulic Punch

20 & 35 Tons
Punch smooth, precise holes through up to 12.7mm material thickness.

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1 & 1.5 ton hydraulic spreader

Hydraulic Spreader

1 & 1.5 Tons
Hydraulic pry bar, 14.2mm clearance to engage jaws. 101 & 292mm spread.

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Hydraulic nut splitter

Pipe Flange Spreader

5 & 10 Tons
Designed to be used in pairs. 76 & 152mm combined flange opening.

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5, 10 & 25 ton hydraulic c-clamps

Hydraulic C-Clamps

5, 10 & 25 Tons
For clamping, pressing and bending with 186 to 319 jaw opening.

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5, 10 & 25 ton hydraulic c-clamps

Wrenches & Pry Bars

Ratcheting Chain Wrenches
Adjustable hook spanners, gland nut wrench and jimmy bars.

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Our Range of Power Team Hydraulic Tools

The range of Power Team hydraulic tools here at SGS is extensive and includes the following products:

  • Hydraulic nut splitters – split nuts up to 2H grade nuts
  • Hydraulic punches – for smooth, precise holes through material up to 12.7mm thick
  • Hydraulic spreaders – spreaders with real power
  • Hydraulic C clamps – useful for pressing, bending and clamping
  • Wrenches and pry bars – from hook spanners to gland nut wrenches and jimmy bars

Power Team hydraulic tools are top of the range but you can find great prices here at SGS, so get in touch today.

Contact Us Today for Quality Hydraulic Tools

To discuss your specific needs, enquire about prices and ask my technical questions, contact us on 01332 226 290. Whether you are searching for hydraulic nut splitters, pipe flange spreaders or C clamps, this is the place to be. Choose the quality Power Team hydraulic tools you need and get in touch today.

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