Inline Hydraulic Valves

Load Lowering Valve

700 bar, 19 l/min max flow

Application - Precision metering for controlled cylinder piston return.

Operation - Permits free flow when extending cylinder, built-in pressure relief and "PosiCheck®" locks and holds load in raised position until operator opens valve. May be pre-set to provide consistent metered return, or operator may select rate of return with each actuation. Has 3/8" NPTF ports.

NOTE: Pressure relief valve setting is 830 bar. Operating pressure is 700 bar and max. flow rate is 19 l /min.

No. 9596 – Load lowering valve. Weight 1 kg.

Sequence Valve

700 bar, 19 l/min max flow

Application - Used when one cylinder in a multi-cylinder application must advance before any other.

Operation - Pump is connected to port "P" and separate cylinders to ports "A" and "B". When pressure is applied to port "P", cylinder "A" advances. Cylinder "B" will not advance until a predetermined pressure setting is reached in cylinder "A". Pressure setting is adjustable from 35 to 550 bar with adjustment screw; factory preset at 70 bar. Has 3/8" NPTF ports.

No. 9597 – Pressure control sequencing valve. Weight 2.5 kg.

Pressure Reducing Valve

700 bar, 19 l/min max flow

Application - Provides complete, independent pressure control to two or more clamping systems operated by a single power source.

Operation - Can be used to provide different pressures in various stages of a single system. Virtually zero leakage across valve means each system can be operated by a single continuous pressure source. Adjustable from 70 to 350 bar at outlet port "B" (secondary). Has 1/4" NPTF ports.

No. 9608 – Pressure reducing valve. Weight 2.6 kg.

Counter Balance Valve

700 bar, 19 l/min max flow

Application - Double-acting cylinders. Provides positive holding and controlled, "chatter-free" lowering of a load.

Operation - Load is raised at flow rate of pump, and held when pump is shut off. When the pump is shifted to "retract", the counter balance valve will continue to hold the load until system pressure exceeds pressure caused by load. The load can then be lowered smoothly to the flow rate of the pump. The counter balance valve is designed to operate with pumps having a high pressure flow rate of up to 1,9 l /min. and cylinder ratios of 3 to 1.

No. 9720 – Counter balance valve, including two male and two female half two hydraulic hoses, fittings and dust caps. Weight 4.5 kg.

No. 9721 – Same as 9720, but does not include couplers, hoses, fittings and dust caps. Weight 4.2 kg.

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