Compressed Air Pressure Regulators, Filters & Line Lubricators

Precise, safe and efficient air system management is crucial when we’re working with air tools. As machinery experts, we know this better than anyone, which is why we only supply the best in air tool filters, air pressure regulators and air line lubricators. With a high-quality air filter regulator or airline lubricator, you’ll be able to master any relevant task.
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SGS Air Filter Water Trap & Regulator
    • Combination air filter water trap
    • Manage the pressure of the flow
    • Make working with air tools easier
    By using this combination air filter and regulator by SGS Engineering, you can both filter the air of particles and water and also manage the pressure of the flow to your tools, protecting and extending the lifespan of your tools. Learn More
    £15.59 £12.99
    SGS Mini Inline Air Filter & Water Trap
    • Clears the air of contaminants
    • Acts as a water trap removing moisture
    • Perfect for SGS spray guns
    Use an air filter like this mini air filter by SGS Engineering to clear your air of these contaminants before it reaches your tools. Learn More
    £7.19 £5.99
    SGS Mini Inline Air Lubricator
    • Prevents air tools seizing up
    • Compact and unobtrusive
    • Ensures the best performance
    Air lubricators feed lubricant into the flow of compressed air from your air supply to your tools. This ensures the best performance from the tool and prevents it seizing up and becoming damaged. This mini air lubricator by SGS Engineering is designed to do this for you and is compact and unobtrusive. Learn More
    £4.78 £3.98
    SGS Inline Air Lubricator
    • High quality lubricator
    • Feed lubricator oil to air tools
    • Extends your tools shelf life
    When you are working with air tools, an air lubricator like this high quality model by SGS Engineering can be used to feed a lubricant to your tools through the air flow. This can give you better performance and extend the life of your tools dramatically. Learn More
    £11.99 £9.99
    SGS Air Regulator
    • Ensure you get the best results and protect your tools
    • 1/4" BSP inlet & outlet connections
    • Max. flow rate at 6.2bar: 40cfm
    Use this air regulator by SGS Engineering to manage the flow of pressurised air and ensure you get the best results and protect your tools. Learn More
    01332 576850

    Out of Stock

    SGS Mini Air Regulator
    • Manage the flow of pressurised air
    • Protect your tools
    • Perfect for SGS air tools
    Use this mini, in-line air regulator by SGS Engineering to manage the flow of pressurised air and ensure you get the best results and protect your tools. Learn More
    01332 576850

    Out of Stock

    Results per page: 24 36 96
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    Which different applications are available? 

    Made to protect tools from damage, air tool filters live up to their name: they essentially filter the hot – and potentially dirty – air gathered in an air compressor, in turn keeping it clean. In using a premium air filter regulator, you’ll be able to expand the lifespan of your air compressor, which could save you both money and time.

    Likewise, an air tool regulator can help you to manage air flow into your tools, while an airline lubricator will ensure that it stays sufficiently oiled. All applications can guard your air tools against damage, guaranteeing higher levels of safety and efficiency as a result.

    Why buy SGS air tool equipment? 

    Both expertly designed and produced, each SGS air tool filter, compressed air regulator and lubricator is durable, reliable and easy to apply to relevant devices. In addition, our range offers high value for money, as all products are sold at a reasonable price. Our array of choice allows you to select either individual items – such as compressor air regulators or filter regulators – or something more comprehensive like our all-in-one air filter, regulator or lubricator set.

    When it comes to securing air systems, tools and applications, it’s vital to make the right decision. Whether you seek new air tool filters, or simply want to know which air tool regulators and air tool lubricators suit your needs best, contact our friendly team of experts for tips and support today. 

    Help Centre

    Air tools and their additional compressor accessories can help with an array of work tasks, from drilling, to grinding to stapling and beyond. We've put together a some handy how-to guides and vital safety information to get you properly started with your air powered tools.
    • The dos and don’ts of using an air compressor
      Unless you’re an expert, you may be unsure about how to handle an air compressor. If this applies to you, don’t worry – our expert guide can help. Our team of specialists have listed what you must – and must not – while using your air compressor.
    • How to stay safe while using your air compressor
      Safety is vital when handling any equipment – and this rule, of course, extends to air compressor gadgets. We’ve worked with our experts to create a straightforward guide to help you avoid injuries and mistakes while using your tools and DIY accessories.

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