How to Put on a Strimmer Harness


This quick guide explains exactly how to use the included strimmer harness with your SST520 grass trimmer / strimmer.


Step 1


Place the harness over your shoulders like a backpack. The backplate should square in the middle of your back.


Step 2


The two straps are clipped together in the middle.You can then adjust the straps accordingly so the harness sits comfortably, with minimal movement.


Step 3


Attach your strimmer to the clip on the side of the harness. The strimmer has a loop just above the handles for the harness to clip to.


How Your Strimmer Sits on the Harness 


The strimmer should fit comfortably near your hip.


52cc Backpack Petrol Trimmer


Our NEW Petrol Trimmer is super easy to use thank to its Backpack Style - your arms and back will thank your for this concept! The engine unit is mounted to a sturdy backpack-style mounting plate that allows you to carry the weight of the engine on your back, rather than carrying it. Fitted with a swivel allowing you to manoeuvre the item with ease. The trimmer is attached to a flexible hose allowing you to easily operate the machine. This backpack unit is fully dampened taking all the vibration from the unit whilst in use for even greater user comfort.


With its twin line and 3 toothed cutting blade, this Trimmer is ideal for professional clean-up jobs, including clearing out tough weeds and bushes over a large surface area. In addition has a very high power to weight ratio and easily starts in all weathers. It also boasts maximum efficiency, high torque and rapid acceleration. The machine features an ergonomic harness, which spreads the load, improving comfort and efficiency for the user, and a bike-style handlebar that is angled relative to the single Trimmer shaft, to prevent an uneven load being placed on the user's back.




Still Need Help?


Still Need Help?

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