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Posi-Lock Pullers for Sale

SPX Power Team offers a comprehensive line of pullers, including the Posi-Lock gear puller and Posi-Lock bearing puller. These high-quality manual and hydraulic pullers have set the standard for their safety, convenience and ease of use. The T-handle and safety cage control the jaws, so the opening, closing and locking of the jaws is all done automatically with a turn of the T-handle. Also, the slim, tapered jaws allow for easier gripping and better access to tight spots. Available in a two or three-jaw puller configuration and with capacity ranging from 1-40 ton (for a mechanical puller) and 5-200 ton (for a hydraulic puller), we stock a wide range of Posi-Lock puller sets.
Power Team offers a comprehensive line of Posi Lock® Pullers, powered manually or by hydraulics. These pullers are available in a two or three-jaw puller configuration. Mechanical pullers range from 1-40 ton capacity and hydraulic pullers range from 5-200 ton capacity.
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