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Posi-Lock Pullers for Sale

As a proud stockist of SPX Power Team, we offer a comprehensive line of Posi-Lock gear pullers and Posi Lock bearing pullers for mechanical, hydraulic and high tonnage application. Removing the demand, danger and frustration of removing gears and bearings in the industrial environment, the Posi-Lock mechanism has revolutionised the gear and bearing puller industry since its arrival over 40 years ago.

Power Team offer a complete range of Posi Lock pullers and Posi Lock puller sets, available in two and three-jaw configurations with capacity ranging from 1-40 tonnes for mechanical pullers and 5-200 tonnes for the hydraulic line.

The benefits of the Posi Lock system

The Posi Lock system offers three main advantages over traditional pulling devices: safety, speed and strength. The patented steel cage enables automatic alignment, locking and opening of the jaws, simply by turning the T-handle. Tapered jaws offer tight clamping around the bearing for optimum gripping, as well as allowing for application in tighter spots. The shaping at the tip of the jaws also allows the Posi Lock puller to lock on to ball grooves and bearing races to offer full purchase on the pull.

Posi Lock pullers simplify removal and extend gear and bearing life, with a range starting with simple mechanical pullers that extends through to high tonnage hydraulic options, capable of delivering a staggering 200 tonnes of force. Alongside our individual pullers, we also supply Posi Lock puller sets, which include cylinders and manual pumps.

Things to consider when purchasing your Posi Lock Puller

What type of puller will I need?

The Posi-Lock bearing puller is designed to remove bearing sets from a rotating machine shaft and the Posi-Lock gear puller removes gears from their shafts.

What reach is needed?

The reach is measured by the distance between the bottom of the cage and the jaws, which must be equal or greater to the size of the part to be pulled.

What distance of spread is required?

The spread is determined by the width of the part being pulled and the distance should be greater than the width of the part.

What force will be needed?

A puller with the proper reach and spread should have enough capacity to remove the part. If in doubt, use a puller with a larger capacity than what may be needed.

Buying made easy

To give you peace of mind, we offer a 60-day money back guarantee on every single one of our products, with no-fuss returns. Spend over £50 with us, and we’ll deliver to you the next day free of charge.

If you have any further queries, the SGS team are on hand to offer impartial advice on which products are best for your requirements. So, if you’ve got a question about Posi Lock pullers, or indeed anything else, let us know.

Help centre

Our help centre offers a series of helpful guides on topics spanning across our product range. Here are three you might find useful:


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