Hydraulic Pumps from Power Team

700 bar hydraulic pumps powered by hand, compressed air, electric, battery and petrol

At SGS Engineering you can find a fantastic selection of Power Team equipment, machinery and components built to the highest standards. Our range includes 700 bar hydraulic pumps powered by hand, compressed air, electric, battery and petrol. Power Team hydraulic pumps are desired worldwide for applications in industry, construction (often bridge construction and maintenance), rigging, mining and quarrying, marine projects and quality assurance.

  • Life Time Marathon Warranty
  • Manufactured to the exacting ASME B30.1 standard
  • Wide range of applications in construction and offshore industries
  • Fully repairable and built to last these pumps are covered by a Marathon Lifetime Warranty.
  • Hand, compressed air, electric, battery and petrol powered.
One/Two speed hydraulic hand pumps in steel and aluminium

Hydraulic Hand Pumps

P Series
Lightweight aluminium and steel designs
Fitted with internal relief valves

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Save money with our matched pump and cylinder sets

Cylinder & Hand Pump Sets

RPS Series
Save money with our matched kits
Various tonnange and stroke cylinders
Fittings, couplers and hose included

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Compressed air powered hydraulic pumps

Air/Hydraulic Pumps

PA Series
Single-Acting & Double-Acting
Air supply 3-8 bar required
Capacity: 0.5 to 9.1 litres

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One/Two speed hydraulic hand pumps in steel and aluminium

Battery/Hydraulic Pumps

PR Series
Single-Acting & Double-Acting
Two Speed
Portable power source

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Electric over hydraulic pumps for maintenance and construction applications

Electric/Hydraulic Pumps

PE Series
Single-Acting & Double-Acting
Maintenance, construction & production
High torque models for pressing

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Petrol powered hydraulic pumps for excellent portability

Petrol/Hydraulic Pumps

PG Series
Single-Acting & Double-Acting
Ideal for remote locations
0.5 l/min 1.5 kW and 0.9 l/min 4.5 kW

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One/Two speed hydraulic hand pumps in steel and aluminium

Pump Accessories

Solenoid & Motor Controls, Air Control Valves, Viton Seal Kits, Large Capacity Reservoirs & much more

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In-line, Pump Mounted and Remote Mounted hydraulic valves

Hydraulic Valves

Pump mounted, remote and inline hydraulic valves. Available as manual lever and solenoid/air operated.

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Power Packs

Hydraulic Power Packs

Supply, servicing and repair of any brand of power unit means we can reduce your expensive down time.

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How do I select a Hydraulic Pump?

Pump Selection Chart Cylinder Capacity Chart Valve Selection Chart

Pump Selection Chart

What type of pump do you need?

Pump Capacity Chart

Select an hydraulic pump with adequate oil output and reservoir capacity to power the cylinder.

Valve Selection Chart

Select a valve option that is best suited to the cylinder and application.

Hydraulic Pump Considerations

  • What maximum system operating pressure (psi) is required for hydraulic pumps?
  • What volume of oil delivery is required? (For manual pumps, cu. in. of oil per handle stroke; for powered pumps, cu. in./min. of oil).
  • Is a single- or 2-speed pump required? (2-speed hydraulic pumps deliver high oil volume at low pressure for rapid cylinder piston advance, then shift to the high pressure, low volume stage under load).

What is the preferred source of power?

  • Manual (hand or foot operated)
    Provides portability, can be used where electricity or shop air are not available.
  • Air/Hydraulic
    Uses shop air or a portable air compressor.
  • Electric /Hydraulic
    What voltage is available? Is a battery operated pump preferred?
  • Petrol Engine/Hydraulic
    Powers high-output pumps at remote job sites where air or electricity are unavailable.

Is Portability an Important Consideration?

  • Will the hydraulic pump be used intermittently, or will it need to provide high-cycle operation? Does the application require that the pump be capable of starting under load?
  • Is fluid heat build-up a factor in your application? High cycle hydraulic pumps may require a larger capacity oil reservoir for cooling. Also, if you are using large displacement cylinders, the reservoir capacity must be sufficient to fully extend the piston of the cylinder.
  • Will the application require large displacement or multiple cylinders? Reservoir size and pump output levels will be factors to consider.
  • Does the working environment require a pump having a low operating noise (dBA) level?
  • Must the pump operate in a spark-free environment?

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