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Preparing the Rare, Mercedes-Maybach 900 by Brabus

The base Mercedes-Maybach S600 is an incredible car, featuring a 6.0 litre twin-turbo V12 engine, 523 BHP and stretched yet sleek sedan looks. Yet that still wasn’t enough for some and so the boffins at Brabus conjured up the “Brabus Rocket 900”. What has been created is one of the most powerful and luxurious executive sedan cars in existence. The new rebored twin-turbo V12 now has a displacement of 6.3 litres which all creates 888 BHP.

At SGS we love a classy vehicle and were therefore more than happy for a selection of our garage tools to be used to prepare one of these uber-rare luxury cars for sale. Check out the video and find out more about the car and tools used below.

Brabus Rocket 900

In order to make the “Rocket” a step up from its predecessor in terms of performance, Brabus attacked the engine bay first. With a custom billet crankshaft, forged pistons, precision balanced connecting rods, larger turbochargers with new manifolds and this fantastic gold heat wrap below the bonnet, no wonder it’s a showstopper.


This all helps it do 0-62 mph in a beastly 3.7 seconds, equal to a Ferrari FF! That’s without mentioning the top speed of 217 mph. Such speed and power have resulted in a more aerodynamic design, with an aggressive front fascia and styling to the rear diffuser. Plus, the 25mm lowering package and huge low profile tyres finish off its massive performance upgrade.

Inside, the specification and trim details are endless. Different types of leather and alcantara adorn the various elements of the interior, while the iBusiness state-of-the-art infotainment system allows executives to use the luxury motor as an office, cinema or personal concert. With Brabus cushions complimenting quilted seats, complimentary headphones in each door pocket, champagne cooler with Brabus flutes, starred ceiling and much more, the only downside must be the price? You are not wrong, as in Germany it’s quoted at €508,000 (with taxes added) which equates to around £375,000 in the UK.

SGS Garage Tools

Such a high-performing, luxury car deserves the best upkeep, which is why it was no surprise a SGS garage tools are used by the UK’s largest independent sports, prestige and 4X4 dealers, who put them to good use when preparing a Mercedes-Maybach 900 by Brabus for sale.

From mechanic’s seats holding some essential cleaning tool, to an SGS tool chest used to store further cleaning items and equipment. Getting down low at the rear is no easy feat either, and a car creeper is incredibly useful in helping spray and clean the magnificent quad exhaust.

Quality cars deserve quality care, which is why pairing SGS garage equipment with attention to detail is a match made in heaven for the Brabus 900, as the video shows.